Team, Coach, and Game Day Info.

Q: My child is registered for Fall Soccer. When will I find out his/her team?

A: It takes our Registrar most of the summer to assign players to teams. At some point in July, you will get notice of our annual Soccerfest (which is held in August at a local park). This is our fall soccer kick-off, when final team assignments are publicized, coaches are given rosters, practice schedules, etc. We ask coaches to notify parents as soon as possible about their team placement. If you are unable to attend Soccerfest, you should hear from your child's coach by the third week of August.

Q: How do we find out where and when we practice?

A: Coaches will contact you after he or she has received his or her field assignments from the league. Practices have historically started the first week of school.

Q: What do I do if it is raining on the day of my game?

A: During the Fall season, games are played rain or shine. Games will only be stopped due to lightning. During the Spring season, the person in charge of the fields at Portland Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) will make the decision whther or not games are played. He or she will contact the coaches who in turn, should contact his or her team.

Q: What should a player do if his or her team has disbanded?

A: If your son or daughter is on a soccer team that is disbanding, contact the registrar. Depending on space available, the registrar will either place the player on a team or on the "in club" waiting list. The in club waiting list has priority over the new players waiting list.

Q: What should I do if my coach no longer is available to coach the team?

A: Find a parent willing to step in! It is much easier to replace a coach rather than letting a team disband and then have players without teams.

Q: Who should we contact if we are having problems with a coach? A: If you or your child is having problems with your soccer coach please contact either the coach coordinator or the club president.

Q: My child wants to switch teams this Fall. How do I make this Happen?

A: Before Fall season begins contact the registrar - - and have them place your child on the "in club" waiting list. On this waiting list, you can indicate which team your child wants to switch to. If space becomes available, he or she may be able to join the new team.

Q: Where do teams practice?

MTTSC Fall Registration

Did your player play with MTTSC before?

Yes: please use same email address as before and your player will be automatically re-assigned to your team. Please do not create a new profile! Email the registrar if you need help.

No: you can request a specific team, coach, or team-mates during registration. We do our best to accomodate requests, but we cannot guarantee those requests will be fulfilled.


Practice schedules will be released at Soccerfest. Can't make Soccerfest? Your coach should email you with details. Some teams will be practicing the week of August 14th. All teams should be practicing the week of August 21st. Practice locations? See below.


There will be 8-10 games in the Fall season. Almost all games will be played on Saturdays but some may be scheduled on Sundays. Younger teams play 8 games, older teams play more. Games are likely to be scheduled on Aug 26th. There are no games Labor Day weekend.

Game schedules will not be ready by Soccerfest. Please check with your coach after practice starts.


We ask for the age your player will be in the fall. Kindergarten right now? They'll be in 1st Grade in the fall and that's U7 (under 7 years old).

  • Fall Grade Age
  • 1st Grade U7
  • 2nd Grade U8
  • 3rd Grade U9
  • 4th Grade U10
  • 5th Grade U11
  • 6th Grade U12
  • 7th Grade U13
  • 8th Grade U14


Will be held Sunday, August 20th, from 11am-1pm at Clinton Park on the upper field. This is where new players find out their teams, coaches get equipment and practice schedules, etc.


Fees can be paid by credit or debit card.


$95/player for the first 2 players in a family. Additional players in the same family are not charged.

Early Bird discount

Register by June 9th (last day of school) and receive a $10 discount per player.

Scholarship info for Free/Reduced Lunch


All registration questions should be directed to the registrar, Joanna, at

Other questions should go to

----------> Register <---------

Team Sizes:

  • U7: 3v3 (two simultaneous games) - Maximum players per team: 12
  • U8: 4v4 (two simultaneous games) - Maximum: 14
  • U9/U10: 7v7 - Maximum: 14
  • U11/U12: 9v9 - Maximum: 18
  • U13/U14: 11v11 - Maximum: 18

Playing on a "Classic" or "Club" competitive team?

PYSA rules state that U7 - U10 players may participate in both recreational soccer (MTTSC) and Youth Development Programs (YDP). Beginning with their Fall U11 season, players who participate on a "classic" or "club" team can't play on a recreational soccer team like MTTSC.

Practice Locations

Teams practice at these schools: Abernethy, Bridger, Creative Science, Glencoe, Harrison Park, Hosford Middle, Kellogg Middle (closed), Mt. Tabor Middle, Sunnyside and Youngson.

Teams also practice at Berrydale Park (next to Creative Science), Clinton Park (next to Franklin High and Atkinson), and Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church.

Last updated: [01/27/16]