Mount Tabor Soccer Club Bylaws

NOTICE: Uniform policies changed in Fall 2010. Changes to the Operating Policies have not yet been reviewed by the board, and the existing uniform policies set out below do not apply beyond Spring 2010.

This page is organized in two parts:

Bylaws - Identity, purpose, and structure of the club
Operating Policies - Rules and procedures (cf. Art III Sec 3.6)



1.1. CORPORATE NAME. The name of the corporation is Mount Tabor Soccer Club, Inc., organized pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Oregon Revised Statutes.

1.2. BUSINESS NAME. The corporation will do business as Mount Tabor Soccer Club.


2.1. GENERAL. The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and education purposes and may engage in any such activities and exercise such other powers as are permitted by non-profit corporations pursuant to the applicable provisions of Oregon Revised Statutes and which are not inconsistent with the following sections of these Bylaw or the qualifications necessary to preserve the tax exempt status of this corporation pursuant to the applicable provisions of United States internal revenue law. Our tax id is 93-0979359 and we are a 501(c)7 organization.

2.2. SPECIFIC. The corporation is organized to facilitate youth soccer, in keeping with the following mission:

2.2.1. To develop, promote and regulate youth soccer in the Mount Tabor community; and

2.2.2. To provide a well structured soccer program that will give the maximum exposure to the game of soccer; that will allow each child the
opportunity to develop soccer skills and sound character to the child's fullest potential; and that will involve the Mount Tabor community.


1. MAILING ADDRESS. The mailing address of the registered office is Post Office Box 18062, Portland, OR 97218.


1. RESPONSIBILITIES. The Board of Directors shall manage all the business affairs of the corporation and may exercise all such powers of the corporation which are neither prohibited nor directed or required to be performed by others under the laws of the State of Oregon, the Articles of Incorporation or these Bylaws.

2. DIRECTORS. There shall be no fewer than four directors of the corporation, as determined by the Board of Directors. All directors shall be officers or shall be assigned to one or more Board functions as identified in the corporation's operating policies and procedures.

2.1. ELECTION. All directors shall be elected by a majority vote of the directors in attendance at the annual meeting. Vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be filled by the Board of Directors as necessary.

2.2. TERM. The term of a director shall be one year, beginning on the first day of January following the annual meeting.

2.3. COMPENSATION. The directors of the corporation shall serve without compensation.

2.4. REMOVAL. The president may recommend to the Board of Directors the removal of any director who has three unexcused absences during the director's term, or who has acted in violation of the corporation's policies. Any director may be removed by a majority vote of all other directors serving at the time of the vote.


3.1. ANNUAL MEETINGS. An annual meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held at the conclusion of the PYSA fall season. Notice of the date and time of the annual meeting shall be communicated in writing to each director at least ten days prior to the meeting.

3.2. ADDITIONAL MEETINGS. Additional meetings of the Board of Directors may be held on a regular basis during the fall and spring soccer season. Notice of the date and time of such meetings shall be communicated in writing to each director at least two days prior to the meeting.

3.3. QUORUM. A majority of the directors then serving on the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for transacting business at any meeting.

3.4. ACTION. A majority of the quorum present shall be required in order to take action on any matter brought before the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may take any action by written consent.

3.5. COMMITTEES. The Board of Directors may designate committees of directors to act on behalf of the Board of Directors on particular matters.

3.6. OPERATING POLICIES. Policies relating to operating matters including, but not limited to, registration, team formation, eligibility, player and coach conduct, equipment and uniforms and Board of Director assignments shall be maintained and updated as needed by the Board of Directors.

4. OFFICERS. The officers of the corporation shall be a president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer and shall be elected by a majority of directors at the annual meeting.


5.1. PRESIDENT. Convenes and runs meetings, oversees the work of other directors, and is responsible for the overall operation of the corporation. Maintains the legal operating address for the club. renews business registrations with state.

5.2. VICE PRESIDENT. Presides in the absence of the president and assists the president as needed. Coordinates communication between board of directors and community.

5.3. SECRETARY. Maintains minutes of all proceedings of the Board of Directors. Provides notice of all meetings of the Board of Directors as required by Oregon law, the Articles of Incorporation and these Bylaws.

5.4. TREASURER. Maintains the corporation's funds and accounts, prepares monthly statements and develops the annual budget.


1. Matters of parliamentary procedure not prescribed by Oregon law, the Articles of Incorporation or these Bylaws shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order (revised). Insofar as possible, the ordinary business of the corporation shall be conducted by procedures designated to foster consensus within the Board of Directors.


1. These Bylaws may be amended, in all or in part, at any meeting of the Board of Directors by the majority vote of all directors serving at the time of the vote.

Approved by the Board of Directors on the 23rd day of April, 2009.

Revised March, 2005


PRESIDENT: Convenes and runs meetings, oversees the work of other directors, and is responsible for the overall operation of the Club.

VICE PRESIDENT: Presides in the absence of the president and assists the president as needed.

SECRETARY: Maintains minutes of all proceedings of the Board of Directors.
TREASURER: Maintains the Club's funds and accounts, prepares monthly statements and develops the annual budget.

REGISTRAR: Oversees all aspects of player and team registration. Insures compliance with PYSA registration requirements. Maintains records of teams and players. Provides information to prospective players.

TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Assists teams in identifying, enlisting and retaining competent and reliable coaches for all teams. Works to improve the skill levels of Club coaches by coordinating training and clinic opportunities, and by maintaining information and resources available to all Club coaches. Reviews requests for financial support by coaches participating in training activities.

COACH COORDINATOR: Identifies coach's, assist registrar with team formation, coordinates communication between board members and coaches.

TEAM PARENT REPRESENTATIVE: Assists teams in identifying, enlisting and retaining team parents. Communicates with team parents as necessary to coordinate Club activities such as team pictures and fundraising events.

FIELDS REPRESENTATIVE: Maintains inventory of available fields. Participates in PYSA field allocations. Schedules and assigns practice
fields to all teams within the Club.

UNIFORMS REPRESENTATIVE:Negotiates contracts for purchase and distribution of uniforms.

EQUIPMENT REPRESENTATIVE: Purchases, inventories and distributes all equipment provided by the Club to teams.

FUNDRAISING REPRESENTATIVE: Solicits sponsorships and coordinates other fundraising activities by the Club.

COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVE: Represents the Club at community meetings, and communicates between PYSA and the Club.

MERCHANT REPRESENTATIVE: Purchases, stores, maintains inventory, and sells MTTSC branded merchandise. Maintains the MTTSC Brand.

Positions on the board may be combined as necessary and desirable.


2.1 The Club has authority to establish requirements for, assign, discipline and remove coaches. No coach shall supervise players until the
coach has completed a background check as required by PYSA and/or OYSA.

2.1 The Club strongly encourages all coaches to improve their coaching skills by participation in Club approved clinics and by obtaining USSF licenses and National Youth Module Training. The Club will provide financial support to coaches participating in Club approved training by reimbursing coaches on a cases by case basis when requested.

2.2 Coaches are volunteers and serve without compensation. This rule does not prohibit a team from paying for specialized training performed in the presence of, and under the supervision of the team coach.

2.3 Club can support the position of a paid coach/coordinator to organize and/or run a program at the discretion of the board.


3.1 No player shall participate in any club sponsored activity, including practice, until the player has completed registration with the Club.

3.2 Kick & Chase players are not divided by gender. All teams U-7 and older are designated as "Boys" or "Girls" teams. Girls may play on Boys teams. Boys shall not play on Girls teams.

3.3 Players shall be placed with teams according their ages or grades in school in accordance with the rules of PYSA and OYSA. Individuals may "play up" with an older team only with the permission of the Club. In determining whether to allow a player to "play up", the Club may consider the player's age, size, skills, and emotional level, and the level of play and coaching of the team on which the player has requested to be placed.

3.4 Partial or full registration scholarships may be available to players upon written request to the Club.

3.5 To assist in retaining existing volunteers, the Club may waive the registration fee for one player/child of each coach or board member.


4.1 At least two adults shall be present at all Club sponsored activities including games, practices, meetings and social events. This
requirement does not apply to travel to and from Club activities where parents have made specific arrangements for transportation of their children.

4.2 Any coach, assistant coach, or board member who observes, suspects or receives allegations of illegal or improper conduct
involving a player, or sexual or physical abuse of a player registered with the Club, shall report the alleged conduct to the president of the Club.

Any questions involving such allegations from media or members of the public shall be referred to the president, or the president's designee. Upon receiving information of such conduct, the president shall notify the president of PYSA, and shall take reasonable steps to investigate the alleged or suspected conduct. Investigation may include, but is not limited to: temporary suspension of suspected individuals; interviewing individuals involved and witnesses; and appointment of individuals from within or outside of the Club to make factual determinations. Any investigation shall be conducted in confidence, with disclosure only to
those with a need to know.


5.1 The Club shall form teams in a manner consistent with USYSA, OYSA, and PYSA policies.

5.2 The Club has authority to establish, modify and dissolve teams. The Registrar, Coach Coordinator, and President shall work together to form teams. The Registrar has full discretion in assigning players to teams,
consistent with club policies.

5.3 The Club tries to enable and encourage participation by as many youth in our community as possible.

5.4 The Club tries to form as many teams as possible, consistent with minimum roster size guidelines.

5.5 For the PYSA league:

(a) Roster sizes shall not exceed two times (2x) the maximum number of players that can be playing at one time in a match situation.

(b) Players shall be grouped into teams based on locality of residence, school attended, team history, or by lot. The club will consider forming teams based upon personal preference as long as the club believes it is not an attempt at player selection based on merit or on illegally discriminatory or unethical criteria.

(c) In the event of two teams in the same division that differ markedly in competitiveness, the club shall make an effort to equalize their
competitiveness. This may take the form of assigning new players with more experience to the less competitive team, or other mechanisms.

(d) Notwithstanding section 8.5(c), the Club may permit an existing team formed under recreational guidelines to stay together.


Players and teams shall participate in all scheduled activities at the scheduled time and place. Inclement weather shall not be a basis for
failing to participate in scheduled activities unless the weather creates a danger to the participants; e.g., lightning in the vicinity of the activity.


7.1 The Club shall provide a jersey for use by each registered player. Jerseys remain the
property of the Club, and shall be returned to the Club promptly at the end of each season. Players may wear Club jerseys only during participation in Club sponsored activities, or when specifically authorized by the Club. The Club may charge a player a fee, up to the cost of replacement, for any jersey that is lost or that is damaged during use not authorized by the Club. Teams wishing to use jerseys other than those designated by the Club may do so only with the permission of the Club. In deciding whether to allow the use of jerseys other
than those designated by the Club, the Club shall consider: The reason(s) for the request; the Club's goal of promoting public awareness and identification of the Club; the possible impact of the decision on other players registered with the Club;
and other practical considerations.

7.2 The Club may authorize the use of the Club jerseys, for a fee, for activities not sponsored or sanctioned by the Club. Any team wishing to use Club jerseys for activities not sponsored by the Club, shall apply to the Uniform Representative and shall pay a fee of $20.00 or such other amount as the Club may require.

7.3 Players shall provide their own approved shoes, socks, shorts, shin guards and ball. The Club may provide required equipment to individual players on the basis of financial need upon written request.

7.4 The Club shall provide each team with necessary equipment including, but not limited to, nets, cones or discs, practice pinnies and game ball. Equipment provided by the Club remains the property of the Club and shall be used only in activities sponsored or specifically authorized by the Club.

7.5 The Club will reimburse up to $20.00 to a team for the purchase of a goalkeeper jersey, and up to $10.00 for the purchase of goalkeeper gloves. Submit receipts to the Club for reimbursement.


8.1 The Club shall maintain bank accounts necessary to conduct Club business and preserve Club funds. Club bank accounts shall have three authorized signers: the treasurer, the president and one additional board member. Monthly account statements shall be reviewed by the treasurer and one additional board member designated by the board, who shall initial each

8.2 Expenditures

A. Amounts in excess of $200.00 shall be specifically authorized by the board.

B. All receipts must be submitted to the treasurer on the proper form for reimbursement.

C. Checks shall be signed by an officer of Board other than the requestor.

8.3 In order to avoid the situation of teams competing with the Club for available sponsorship funds, individual teams are prohibited from obtaining sponsorships without Board approval.


Players, coaches and parents shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner which:
Demonstrates respect for referees, players and opposing teams and players;
Recognizes that the referee is the final authority in the game; and
Encourages players to respect the referee, their coaches, teammates, opponents and the game of soccer.


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