Practice Field Request Form

The form to request a practice field is down below.  Please read through things first though.

NOTE: Late start time is 5:30. Early slots may start at 4 but need to finish by 5:30. Early coaches need to be done so the late coach can start.

Fields we traditionally have had are:

  • Berrydale Park
  • Bridger School
  • Clinton Park 
  • Creative Science School
  • Glencoe School
  • Harrison Park School
  • Kellogg Middle School
  • Mt. Tabor Middle School
  • Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church
  • Sunnyside School
  • Youngson School

Clinton Park is reserved for U-12 teams and above.   They need the larger field.   Because the Franklin soccer team practices 4-6pm it's only available after they finish using it.   We have space for 8 teams.

Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church has a very small field.   We use that mostly for U-7 teams.

Generally speaking, the fields are in better shape the further east you go. They're also less popular.  If you want to practice on M/Th you'll have a better chance at Harrison Park or Bridger than Glencoe.

Portland Public Schools does not water its fields but Portland Parks does.   So Berrydale is greener and softer (and maybe muddier) than Creative Science even though they're right next to one another.

We assign fields in the following manner:

  • incumbent team gets to keep their time/field if they request it again
  • if an incumbent team requests a new field, they go into the queue
  • new teams go into the queue
  • the queue is allocated with oldest teams getting first choice
  • time/days are given priority over field   If you say you want T/Th late, you'll get it.  But it might not be where you want it.
  • if you're flexible on times (M/W or T/Th late are both OK) or T/Th early or late are both OK), you've got a better chance of getting the field you want
  • we try to pay attention to special requests like where you're coaching one team and assisting on another

Things to consider:

  • teams will have to move their practice times forward as the sun goes down earlier.  In August, you can practice 'til 8:30.   In October, it's dark at 6.
  • we have limited flexibility on times.  If you want to practice in August at 5:00 and you get a 5:30 slot, you need to work things out with the coach who has the 4:00 slot.  

Thanks so much for coaching!   You're the reason so many people love Mt. Tabor Soccer Club, because of the great people who've stepped forward as coaches.

Click here for the Practice Field request form

Last revised: [08/04/2018]


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