League Info and Registration

Q: What is Mount Tabor Soccer Club? A: MTTSC is a community-based organization run by volunteers providing recreational soccer to youth in Portland. MTTSC is one of twenty-odd recreational youth soccer clubs in Portland competing in matches organized by Portland Youth Soccer Association.We rely on volunteer coaches and have an all-volunteer board of directors. Our goal is to get as many kids out on the pitch as possible and to give them a positive introduction to soccer.

Q: When are MTTSC's seasons? A: Our primary season is Fall (games are usually on Saturdays from the first week of September through the first week of November, give or take). This is the best time for new players to start because teams will be having 1 or 2 practices per week during the season. We also have a shorter spring season (games are primarily on Saturdays from the first week of April through mid-May). Most teams do not practice during the spring season, so we do not recommend this as a starting point for brand new players.

Q: Does where I live dictate what club I join? A: No. Your player can play in any (one) club. In an effort to reach out to all youth in Portland, each school has been assigned to a club. Each club will recruit in its assigned schools in order to ensure that every child has an opportunity to play. This does not obligate the player in any way.

Q: When can I register my child for soccer? A: Registration for Fall soccer typically starts in May. New and returning players can sign up on our website until the end of registration (date given on website, usually end of July.) After that date, we will only add players as we have space. We are limited by the numbers of coaches who step up to volunteer, and by the number of practice field permits we get from the City of Portland. Spring registration is typically done through your child's Fall coach. If you are new to our club and want to sign your child up for Spring soccer, email our Registrar (registrar@mttaborsoccer.org) in January to get added to our waitlist. This is also the case for returning players who do not have a team that is playing in the spring season. Please do not contact coaches directly to get added to rosters; only our Registrar has the authority to add players to existing teams.

Q: How much does registration cost? A: Registration is $95 a player. A family with more than 2 children pays a maximum of $190 for registration. Spring is $40/player.

Q: My child is in kindergarten. What does kindergarten soccer look like? A: For kindergartners, we have a program called KinderKickers. This group typically runs in the Fall (September & October) and in the Spring (May). Rather than individual teams that have a game every Saturday, KinderKickers meet as one large group twice a week. Kids are broken down into smaller groups that practice drills and get plenty of time to scrimmage. There are no Saturday commitments with KinderKickers.

Q: What about older grades? How do I know what level my child should play? A: Players are placed on teams by grade level. We have teams all the way from U7 to U14. The following are age groups based on grade levels:

1st grade=U7, 2nd grade=U8, 3rd grade= U9, 4th grade=U10, 5th grade=U11, 6th grade=U12, 7th grade=U13, 8th grade= U14,

Occasionally, very experienced players are allowed to "play up" one year, but no player is ever allowed to play down.

Q: My son just played a team that was mostly girls. Isn't this the boys division? A: There are two gender divisions: male and female. Males are not allowed to play in the female division, but females are allowed to play in the male division. It is not uncommon to keep the kids jumbled for the first few years. In middle school a female on a male team is rare. But everything goes in cycles. In PYSA's high school rec soccer program the teams are ALL coed, and the players love it!