Scheduling & Substitutions


We have had various scheduling conflicts come up in spring, 2016.   We had teams forfeit because they didn’t have enough players to play even a player or two(!) down.


  1. Are you going to coach or be an assistant coach with two teams? .   
  2. Do you have players playing on more than one team?   


  1. Set expectations with parents.  Players are going to miss games.  How do you want parents to let you know?
  2. Look at the school calendar for your players.   We had a team short on players because some players were in Japan.   This was known a year in advance.  We had to move a game one weekend because all the players were in a school festival.  
  3. It’s much easier for PYSA to make arrangements before they start building the game schedule.   Don’t wait for the schedule to be released.


  1. Borrow players from another MTTSC team of same age
  2. Borrow players from another MTTSC team a year younger
  3. Boys teams can borrow from girls teams
  4. Can NOT use players who aren't registered with PYSA


Email   He/she can work with PYSA on scheduling.


  1. MTTSC will look for coaches listed with more than one team
  2. MTTSC will email coaches about checking schedules before end of registration.
  3. MTTSC will email parents about checking schedules around Soccerfest and end of spring registration.
  4. MTTSC will email coaches with a list of coaches to make it easier to contact another coach about substitutes.
  5. Consider having a bigger team so you don’t have to hunt for substitutes.
  6. Meet with other coaches of same age/gender.

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