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How can I become a coach?
How do I register as a coach?
Can I use my bonzi or stacksports account to register as a coach?
Coaching Guidelines
PYSA parent behavior guidelines
What equipment, uniforms do my players need?
Practice field requests
Team Rosters
Coaching courses reimbursement

Game Scheduling
Player Substitutions
Concussion education

Rostering Guidelines

How can I become a coach?

You need to register as a coach and pass a background check.  Background checks are free and are done by the club after you register.
We have coaching materials available for different age groups.  Also, PYSA often offers free clinics in late summer before the Fall season starts (and sometimes offers these into early Fall as well).  If you haven't received information on these clinics, feel free to email [email protected] or E-Mail Help.

All teams need more than one coach registered.  In case you cannot make it to practice or have to miss a game, the person who takes over in your place needs to be registered as a coach.

How do I register as a coach?

Go to registration.

Coaches and team parents, please register via the "Volunteer" function. In the previous system a discount for the head coach was given at the time you registered your child.  In the new system a refund is given.  Refunds for Head Coaches will be processed once all teams are formed and coaches assigned.

Can I use my bonzi or stacksports account to register as a coach?

Unfortunately, you cannot.  You will need to make a new account with bluesombrero.  However, this is a one time thing and you will be able to re-use the account in subsequent seasons.  Go to Mt Tabor Soccer Home page and click on the Register button in the top right to create an account.

Coaching Guidelines

First, thank you for coaching!

Players Must Be Registered

No child may participate in any MTTSC activity (game or practice) until the child has completed registration with the Club and with PYSA. You should have player registration information with you at all activities -- to establish that your players are registered, have parent contact information available (in case you need to contact them), and for the medical background information and authorization which is included on the form. Failure to adhere to this policy has the potential to:

  • injure a child that has no insurance to pay for treatment
  • expose a child to illness or injury with inadequate medical information in the hands of adult supervisors
  • expose the coach to extreme civil penalties in the event of an injury
  • expose the club to extreme civil penalties as well.

You are doing no one a favor if you allow unregistered players to play. Insist your players be registered.

Always Follow the Two-Adult Rule

Two adults must be present at all club or team activities involving children/youth. This is primarily to ensure that there is sufficient supervision in the event of an injury, an external threat of some kind, or any other interruption in the normal flow of the activity. It has the excellent side-effect of protecting the coach against any suspicion of improper conduct. Our club insists on the two-adult rule. Please let your parents know about it, so that they are more inclined to volunteer to be that second adult.

Child-Sport Psychology

Thanks so much to Nigel Chaumeton for his insight. Please read his 2008 presentation to our coaches.


Returning Coaches

You are welcome to keep your club-owned equipment if you are going to continue coaching next season.  Keep equipment dry and clean, and know what you have in your safekeeping!  The important club-owned items are nets, popup goals, corner flags, pinnies, and goalie equipment. Cones and balls take a lot of abuse and generally need replacing after a year or two anyhow, so they don't matter as much.

New Coaches

For equipment to use at practices and games, our Equipment Representative is the guy you need to get to know. He can set you up with our standard set of team equipment for your team's age group.  Email: [email protected].

Safe Rosters

You will have a Game Day Roster available to you online. You must have either a printed or electronic version that you provide to the referee This is the method by which PYSA guarantees that only rostered players are playing at games. Only players who are registered may play in games.

Changes and Cancellations

Match locations sometimes must be changed owing to field conditions. Occasionally a match will be just plain canceled. Or all matches will be cancelled due to weather.  PYSA will notify you of game cancellations.  It is always good to check game day information to see if there has been a change.

Contacting the Opposing Coach

You can contact the opposing coach to confirm the time and location of the match, review responsibilities for nets and flags, and discuss any other special considerations. If you must forfeit, contact the opposing coach ahead of time, preferably before game day. Phone numbers are not listed online. If you need contact info, generate your Game Day roster and it will be appear there.

Be friendly, cooperative and creative with the opposing coach. Imagine that you and the other coach are team-teaching; in fact you are! If we are the away team and the home team cannot fulfill their duties (corner flags, a decent ball, etc) it is OK to offer help. An opposing coach has the right to play at full strength even if you are short-handed. An opposing coach has the right to refuse to accept guest players even when his team is short-handed and you have too many players. Remember that there are no consequences to winning or losing in this league. The coaches, cooperating with one another, are the foundation of a civil and productive match. Work with, not against, the other coach. It is a good idea to locate both benches on one side of the pitch and all spectators (anyone without a member pass) on the other. This allows the coaches to work together if necessary. You will still be responsible for the behavior of your parents, so cultivate a sense of respect (or at least the ability to zip it!) in your parents.

Unruly Parents and Coaches

Soccer is a player's game. Please remember that this game is for the kids. If you want to yell while they are playing, do it at practice. Be quiet at matches. The kids often learn as much from a blown call as they do from a correct call. This is especially true at U13 or U14 where discussions of the hypothetical blown call or non-call will run for minutes on end. And the last thing any of us wants is a ref who changes his mind based on which coach yells louder.

Our referees are learning. Many of them are themselves youth rec players. There is a proper way to provide feedback to referees: The PYSA has a mechanism to provide feedback.  If you need to do this, please contact MTSC and we will help you do this (E-Mail Help). As coach, if you feel the referee is unable to control a violent or abusive match and your players are in serious physical or emotional danger, you might decide to abandon the match. Remember there are no consequences to winning or losing in this league.

Those of us who have coached in MTTSC for many years take great pride in the way our club carries itself. When we are at our best we are the model of sportsmanship. We want to be the club others prefer to play against - win or lose! As a Mount Tabor coach you are an ambassador for our neighborhood and a role model for your players.

PYSA parent behavior guidelines

See Parent Behavior Guidelines

What equipment, uniforms do my players need?

See Equipment

Practice field requests

You need to fill out the practice field request form.  We take your preference into account as much as possible.  However, there are a large number of Mt Tabor Soccer teams.  So fields closer in are more requested.  Fields that are farther East are less requested and you stand a higher chance of getting one of those.  Note that if your team practiced on a field last Fall and you request it again you have a much higher likelihood of being assigned to that field, i.e. preference is given to putting teams back on the same field they practiced the previous Fall (if you request it).

Having said all this there is no guarantee you will get one of your choices.  We try our best to accommodate your preference, but please keep in mind we have many teams and so it may not be possible.

You can also request a time preference.  Again, this is a request which we will try to our best fulfill, but it we cannot guarantee you will get your preference.  Note that you'll be given 2 days of the week and a time slot (either "earlier" or "later").  This will be Mon+Wed, or Tue+Thu.  The earlier slots are roughly 4-5:30 and 5:30 onwards (you don't have to use all of the time).  As Fall progresses it gets darker earlier.  So you may need to coordinate with coaches before or after you to allow teams in the later spot to start practices a bit earlier when night time comes earlier.

Please fill in the Fall Field Request Form.


You will be assigned a practice field for the Fall season (there are no practices in Spring).  To request a particular field see the above section. Fields are assigned based on who else requested the same field and preference is given to a team that practiced on the same field last Fall.

Fall -- Teams practice once or twice a week (depends on what you want to do) starting 1 or 2 weeks (coaches choice) prior to the first game.  Typically, it's either M,W or Tu, Th. It will either be an "early" slot (somewhere in 4-6PM) or a "late" slot (somewhere 6-8PM).  As it grows darker earlier later in the year, practice times may be moved up to be a bit earlier than in August and September.  You will need to coordinate with the other coaches who share the field.  Normally, the first game is the last weekend in August prior to Labor Day. 

Spring -- There are no practices in Spring.

Team Rosters

Team rosters are being worked on by the registrar for this Fall season.  We expect them to be released this coming weekend (Aug 10/11).  When teams are "released" by the registrar coaches will be able to email their teams.  This year we must migrate to a new platform.  So bear with us as we do our best to get things done in this completely new (to us) platform.

Coaching courses reimbursement

If you are interested in taking a coaching course, the club will likely reimburse you.  To find out if you can be re-imbursed for a particular course, send the course information (preferably with a Website link to it), the cost and the date to [email protected]. Once you have completed the course we will need proof of completion and a receipt.  Courses that are part of the US Soccer Coaching Education are eligible.

Game Scheduling

PYSA schedules all games.  They may be able to take into consideration your input on schedules for your team before the season starts.  Once the season starts PYSA will not be able to make changes due to the large number of teams that have to be scheduled on a limited number of fields.

Player Substitutions

Substitutions can be made at any time.  In addition, you may:

  • Borrow players from another MTTSC team of same age.  You will need to add them as a guest player for that game.
  • Borrow players from another MTTSC team a year younger.  You will need to add them as a guest player for that game.
  • Boys teams can borrow from girls teams
You can NOT use players who aren't registered with PYSA.

Concussion Information



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