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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

(Updated June 20, 2024 for Fall 2024 Season)

1. When I try to register my player, SportsConnect doesn't show the right grade for them. What should I do? Or: My player plays up a division. How do I make sure they can play on the right team?
When in doubt, register your player to the division/grade available. During registration you'll be asked if you have, "additional notes/information for the Registrar." Use this field to indicate any changes you're requesting. You can also send a follow-up email to [email protected] to give us a heads up that a change will be needed.

2. My player is brand new to soccer/the Mt. Tabor area/their school and we don't know what team/coach/teammates to request. Can you help?
First, welcome! We're glad you found our Club. Please be assured that all are welcome in our Club regardless of their skill or experience and that the Registrar will do their best to place your player on a team based on the information you provide. 

3. When will we know what team our player is on?
Rostering begins after the close of registration. The process takes approximately two-three weeks to integrate waitlisted players and confirm the necessary staff. Rosters should be posted and visible online by the third week of August.

4. I want to be the Head Coach or First Assistant Coach for a team and I heard there are registration discounts for volunteering for these roles. How do I do that?
1) Register your player as normal and select "I intend to volunteer as Head/First Assistant Coach" when asked.  
2) Complete the appropriate Volunteer Application and submit all required documentation. Team staff are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and all placements are contingent upon passing a background check and a complete Volunteer Application.
Confirmed team staff will receive their registration credit at the time of registration. If you are issued a credit and withdraw from volunteering or there is already someone in that role, you will be invoiced for the balance due.

5. I live in                         neighborhood, will practices be at my player's school?
Practice locations are determined based on field availability and coach schedules and are not made public until after registration is closed and teams are assigned. If you have a conflict with the assigned practices once your player has been allocated to a team, please inform the Registrar and they will explore if another placement is available.

6. I don't want to register without knowing details about practices, games, and teams but I don't want to miss registration. What should I do?
Practice schedules are typically 1-2 times a week depending on division. Game dates are available on our website. Teams should be published the third week of August. You can request to cancel/withdraw a player for any reason until the day of the first game of the season. All refunds are subject to a $5 fee and may incur additional fees based on the timing. After the first game, no refunds will be issued.

7. I have a coupon code but I have more than one player to register. How do I make sure I get the right discount?
Coupon codes are one-time use only. If you are registering a second child, please use the second code and register each player separately.

8. I'd like to request a scholarship for my player. How do I do that?
1) Send an email to the Registrar with the subject line, "Scholarship Request" and include your player information (name, grade, school, any team/teammate/coach preferences) in the body of the email. You will receive instructions with the appropriate coupon codes to use.
2) Register your player as normal and add a note referencing "Scholarship Requested" when asked if you have, "additional notes/information for the Registrar."  

9. Can my player register for Mt. Tabor Soccer Club as well as another Club within PYSA to get more practice? Or: Can I register my player in two clubs and drop one registration later based on schedule/team/other conditions?
Players can only be assigned to one Club within the Portland Youth Soccer Association (PYSA). You may register your player in multiple locations to ensure your player gets on a field this Fall but once registration closes you'll have to choose only one in order to prevent errors/conflicts in rostering.

10. What kind of equipment will my player need and how much does it cost?
Please visit the website for a basic list of suggested and required equipment/uniforms. Costs vary depending on where you buy these items. Scholarship funds are available on an as-needed basis to help cover these costs and you can email the Registrar to inquire. 

BONUS Question: Why haven't I heard back from the Registrar? Is there a phone number I can call?
Please allow 3-5 business days for a reply from the Registrar. Mt. Tabor Soccer Club is a volunteer-run organization with seasonal programming in the Fall and Spring. The Registrar works independently, typically outside of standard business hours, and prioritizes tasks based on the current season's calendar and the needs of the Board of Directors. There is no physical office space for Mt. Tabor Soccer Club and the Registrar is reachable outside of email at their discretion. Off-season, the Registrar inbox is checked infrequently.


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